Fender Blues Junior Humboldt Hot Rod Review

Fender Blues Junior Humboldt Hot Rod Review
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  • Great sounding little combo with tried and true Fender tones. Pros: unique styling, speaker Cons: availability

Fender Blues Junior Humboldt Hot Rod Review


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This awesome limited edition amplifier sold by Pro Guitar Shop (www.proguitarshop.com), is a sweet sounding, loud little combo.  It is no longer available in the green version that came out in 2011, but a new Fender Blues Jr – Humboldt Hot Rod has re-emerged sometime late 2012 from the guys at Proguitarshop.com.  The new one has Bloodshot Red tolex, which is alright, but I prefered the green myself.  The other thing of interest is the first version touted having upgraded they purchased direct from a Slovakian factory that makes Groove Tubes and JJ Electronics tubes.  The new Red one does not mention anything different about tubes.  I suppose it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.

This amp sounded great through my Les Paul, I was able to get a great P-90 sound, but also dial in a really sweet jazzy tone.  It sounded good through my Strat and SG, but I thought the Tele bridge pickup (road worn)- well, that was still harsher than I’d hope.  The Les Paul sounded the best in my opinion.  I haven’t played a stock Blues Junior, but this is a bright amp, and is quite loud.  I can only imagine how it would sound without the Eminence Cannabis Rex speaker mellowing the sound.  The sound was inspiring, which I wish I had recorded, but not mind-blowing.

Fender Blues Junior Review

I think in this price range, there are so many choices, it can become daunting to choose.  Some of my favorites have a more flavored sound, and less features.  I prefer a larger or smaller amp.  I’m sort of done with the medium sized amps, which this is.  Race car or truck please, but not an SUV.  I think having spring reverb and the overall quality and general predicability of sound quality makes this amp a great choice – if you can find one!  If you can’t something like a Fender Excelsior will give you more bang for your buck, a little more different than the norm, and maybe inspire new creative heights.  This amp woudl be a great work-horse without the black tolex.

Introducing the Fender Humboldt Hot Rod, a limited edition combo exclusively available at ProGuitarShop.com! The Fender Blues Jr. III from the Hot Rod series gets some custom upgrades, starting with a vibrant green tolex and wheat grille cloth for an earthy look. Then we’ve swapped out the stock speaker for an Eminence Cannabis Rex, an American made 12″ speaker that features a hemp cone. This durable, touch sensitive speaker is known for its smooth, mellowing character that retains the all important high end definition and fat midrange coming from the Blues Jr. circuit. In addition to the the speaker, We had Fender upgrade the stock Russian made Groove Tubes to ones we purchased directly from the Slovakian factory that produces the Groove Tubes-ECC83-S, EL84-S, and the JJ Electronics brand of tubes. The upgraded ECC83’s have a flatter response in order to get the most out of the preamp circuit and your guitar while the EL84’s provide a slight gain boost with smooth responsive low end. The end result is the Humboldt Hot Rod, a smooth, smoky sounding Blues Jr.


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